Sunday, October 14, 2007

Purveyor of "Punch" lines

RICHMOND, Va. (Sunday, October 14) – The “Professor" of Punch delivered a healthy helping of punch lines at the Family Stage this weekend.

Punch has done a very bad thing.
The puppetmaster works the crowd.John Styles, of Kent, England, brought the slapstick comedy of Punch and Judy puppetry to the National Folk Festival this weekend. While the art form, which has been around for several hundred years, has fallen out of fashion in these politically correct times, Styles did an excellent job of recruiting a new generation of fans.

The Family Stage was packed at Styles’s final performance of the weekend. It was not quiet, as young and old loudly reminded Punch, the rather naughty protagonist of the art form, that he was not being any too nice to his fellow characters throughout.

Children react to Punch's antics.
Another appreciative fanIn the process of the mini morality plays, Styles’s comedy delivered a bounty of belly laughs.

“Some say it’s politically incorrect and that we don’t want it,” Styles told the crowd after the performance. “But we do want it, don’t we?”

The crowd roared in agreement.

The Professor of Punch receives his reward.


Skip said...

nice coverage, dave! good seeing you out there.

October 15, 2007 6:17 PM  

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